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Ambushwhack is a simple helper for ambush rolling in Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal or Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, boardgames by Games Workshop.

In the Hammerhal game, the gamemaster is supposed to roll for ambush at every turn if there are no adversaries on the board. By the book, a successful roll will then involve between 2 and 6 additional rolls; you have to roll for adversary type and surprise at the very minimum, and potentially for adversary quantity (1 to 3 rolls) and behaviour (if surprise is successful, again 1 to 3 rolls). That's a minimum of 3 rolls and a maximum of 9, looking up several tables, which can really disrupt the flow - especially with younger players like my kids. Similar rules apparently appear in Silver Tower, so I added a version for that by popular demand.

Ambushwhack does all the rolling in one click, and reminds you of level-specific extra rules if present. If the surprise roll succeeds, you also get an orange box with an action behaviour ready to go. For copyright reasons, I did not include the full content of behaviour tables, only the action title (in orange background), so you will have to look those up for details. Where I don't know even the action name, I just report the rolled value.

I made sure to keep buttons big enough that they're usable on phones and tablets; you can also add the site to your home screen and you'll get a decent app icon. Apart from images, the page is entirely self-contained so you can save it locally and it will work offline.

I'm pretty crap at painting so my miniature pics are B&W; the one in color are courtesy of The WoffBoot Chronicles. Feel free to send me pics of painted Grot Scuttlings, Ogroid Thaumaturge, or Blood Reavers... I'm g dot lacava on gmail, or @toyg on twitter. Any other feedback is obviously welcome.

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